II. VR Engineering Presentation / Visualization


VR/AR could have the potentiality to enhance as well as the motivation to bring in this new technology for improving the current practices in architecture, engineering, and construction industries to support all phases starting with testing for the purpose of proof-of-concept going to the constructed facility project life cycle.

We strive to broaden the use of advanced visualisation and to promote the tangible and intangible benefits of using these tools and techniques.

  1. Straightforward supply of VR/AR 3D Modelling to assist with tracking, immersion and interaction; the real environment of design.

  2. Supply and installation of a full portfolio of integrated visualisation system presentation.

  3. Provision of consultancy, support and maintenance so that specification, installation and exploitation phases are efficient and effective.

  4. We save you time and resources with our consulting services in a number of critical areas of AEC VR/AR applications.

  5. The process allows definition and testing of the functional and technical feasibility of potential technology solutions. The process provides a baseline for the future development and deployment of a tailored solution. Users gain valuable knowledge in experiencing how the system can help achieve individual and workgroup goals.